Preparing Printed Tissue Paper

preparing printed tissue  paper

Supply List:
*tissue paper(I use regular tissue paper from Hobby Lobby)
*printer (The key is the type of ink used in your printer.... I use a water resistant ink.

*regular print paper
*glue stick
*image downloaded and ready to be

Step One.. You will need to select an image that will be big enough to show up on the painting or project. It needs to be saved to your computer, Ipad or phone and you will need to be able to print off of your device.

Step Two... Cut your tissue paper to the approximate size you need (same as your regular print paper) lightly iron it…you will want to take a few of the wrinkles out. This way it will be a whole lot easier for the paper to go through the printer. Be sure to keep the iron on low so the steam does not automatically trigger!

Step Three...Then glue your tissue paper to the standard computer paper.....make sure you smooth it out so there are not bubbles. Glue all 4 sides down. Trim the tissue paper to fit the printer paper. Be sure to smooth out the tissue paper as you lay iit on the print paper.

Remember to Print On the DULL side of the tissue paper.

Step Four... Then load your printer according to the type of printer you have and print! 

Here is the final Photo printed to tissue paper.
You need to cut around the edges of the paper where you originally glued the tissue paper down.


Hope you have found this Tutorial useful. Have Fun!