PAC Conversation Agenda… 5/2/23

Agenda PAC Conversation  5/2/23



  1. Jill….New/Old 
  2. Sue Frank…budget
  3. Bill Eagen…Benefits 


Old Business/ Carry Over Business 


  1. …Motion Goggle Ads..,. Michael Schmidt has posted update of data on the PAC group Facebook page. Please review prior to this meeting if possible. Decide whether to continue  or discontinue  Google Ads( $150 per quarter) for remainder of 2023
  2. …Motion from Hope Pierson regarding whether in 2024, fees should be paid to the Ad Fund for the use of the 8th Floor Gallery space by small groups or individuals.
  3. ….Motion Approve Guidelines for Social Media Coordinator………there are at present 2 recommendations/guidelines.                            a)guidelines developed by committee( see link on PAC group Facebook page).                                                   b) option to hire an intern for 3 months to set up a turnkey system that can be used by many people in the future for social media.(Carol MacConnell)

***See recommended guide lines published on  PAC Group Facebook Page.


New Business 


4. Motion from Bill Eagen to request $50/year ($12.50/quarter, $4.17/month) for the Ad Fund for 2024.

5. Motion from Sue Frank that we discuss the PAC Conversation facilitator position, length of appointment, etc


Closing of Conversation….ThankYou

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